21 Point Check-Up

My passion is to help you as a human avoid a lot of the common mistakes I have seen in my career as a Physiotherapist.

2021 is right here right now and there has never been a better time to get healthy – the problem is most fitness plans are incomplete – I want to offer to fill in those gaps

My unique 21 point human inspection will help provide you with the road map to move forward with whatever type of fitness you are excited about. 

Just like you should get your teeth checked twice a year by a dentist, get annual blood work from your PCP, get your car checked every 6000 miles… this is the check in for your human body, your joints, your muscles, your movement patterns.

Once you are ready to go, we will take you through a virtual head to toe screen that can be done at the pace that works for your life. Then we create a report and setup a call with me to discuss what we found and my personalized recommendation for how you should approach running that 100k or continuing with the peloton classes. I want you 10 years from now to be even healthier than you today and I am confident this simple check in will make that happen.

I have worked with thousands of athletes during my career as a PT and in fitness and have created this assessment to give us the most useful information to best help us avoid costly injuries down the line and also help OPTIMIZE your human performance.

If you want to learn more let’s jump on a 15 minute call or if you are ready to buy you should be able to find both links below

21 Point Check Up


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